Improved Copy/Paste in Gingerbread

It’s really important for the copy/paste feature to work on a mobile even if you don’t have a mouse to select text you want to copy. Apple’s implementation is nice. Till Froyo, there wasn’t a unified concept of copy/paste feature implemented. But, the Gingerbread has actually changed a few things 🙂 . Copying phone numbers from your mails and email addresses from web pages should be trivial and should involve the least amount of button presses. Prior to Gingerbread, this wasn’t the case, but Gingerbread has this “New Feature now”.

Here’s the link where you can find out more about this.

Some images and videos

Official documentation

You need to double-tap on the text before you can bring up the text selection controls. Once you are done with the selection, single tap on the text copies the selected text to the clipboard, and then you can extract the data from the clipboard. This is really nice. Else, you would have to write a bit of extra code to trigger text selection mode first. This copy/paste selector works on an EditText and on the Browser. I haven’t tested it further.

Gingerbread Stuff!!!! **It works on the emulator**.

Android OS Versions in the Wild

The latest stats from Google reveal that most of the Android phones are being upgraded to the latest versions of the OS. Every manufacturer is very keen to get on the bandwagon and capture the market share, which is good for the users and the community.

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The above chart gives us an idea of the overall OS spread (August 2, 2010). 59.7% of the Android phones are now running on Android 2.1(Donut). Isn’t that great. Nice. And we will definitely see the percentage for Android 2.2(Froyo) increase manifold when manufacturers push updates on the latest version. But, there is a substantial amount of phones still out there running on 1.5, though not a majority. But, if we talk about only numbers, 20.3% of the total Android phones is still a huge number. Now that’s a problem.

With Android 1.6 and up, apps can be designed and developed for different density and screen resolutions. The cupcake update doesn’t have this feature. There are a few workarounds which enable you to develop in 1.6 and up and still support devices on 1.5, but it’s a pain. I am sure many developers will agree with this. Apart from this, there aren’t major differences that would hinder developers in making apps to suit all platforms.

And with Android 3.0(Gingerbread), rumors say that it will bring support for tablet sized devices, I am not sure how to absorb this piece of news.