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I never noticed, or realised how an application’s UI would render when the orientation changed, since most of the time I tested my apps on the emulator. But one fine day, when a friend of mine walked in and asked to change the orientation, I shocked to see that the layouts didn’t fit in the landscape view.
Well, the solution!!!
Wrap your layouts in a parent ScrollView, so that, when the orientation changes, you will be able to at-least scroll and view the whole layout. How the UI looks, is however a different concern.

5 thoughts on “Scrollview in Android

  1. ABhi


    Any idea how i can provide both horizontal and vertical scrolling support to my View (say grid view or Gallery)

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. carlos.maciel

    @Kumar Bibek: Sorry, LinearLayout does not scroll, have you tried it successfully without a ScrollView?

    See here:


    And here:

    Carlos Maciel


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