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Working on software solutions is a difficult task and you can get stuck anywhere. Experience surely matters but sometimes even the most skilled professionals can face problems resulting in the pauses in projects. If you are willing to grow and get some experience then you should dive into complexities instead of avoiding them. Finding yourself stuck in some problem is an absolutely normal thing; the thing that matters most is whether you want to skip the problem and become a failure or whether you want to find the solution at any cost.

To overcome software complexities and to find solutions for new problems, the most important thing is consistency. The solution in solving code complexity is never more than a single verse which means whoever is trying to win the game can propose solutions.

If you work in Software Company and are tired of software complexities, then the list below can really help you out

  1. Collaborate Within Your Team

If you are the owner of the software company then it is better you should arrange multiple meetings in order to analyse and discuss the need to address and resolve software complexity. It happens most of the time that developers do not share the complexities of the software on which they are working. It is your responsibility to arrange meetings and collaborate with your team and discuss on what code they are working on currently. Compile a list of issues that any one or more members are facing and then try to find solutions.

  1. Arrange Formal Meetings

Once you are provided with the list of problems by all the members, now you can arrange a formal meeting and endeavor to find solutions. This is the time when you can approach code base to find solutions. The most important way to solve the problems would be addressing cause and effect relationships.

  1. Prioritize

Making a priority is a very essential thing because this way, you wouldn’t even miss the minutest problem. Since you have the list of all your problems now, therefore, it is better to prioritise that which solutions must be found instantly depending on your needs and project requirement. This is the most efficient way to handle the bugs in an efficient manner without missing anything crucial.

  1. Delegation of tasks

This is the point when – having identified all the complexities – you can assign one code complexity to one individual. It is a tiring task because before assigning you will have to thoroughly examine the performance of the individual. Another important factor is motivation; how motivated your team members are to deal with the code complexities.

Solving code complexities is not an instant process, rather it is an extended one in which the person you assign the task will have to write codes again and again. In this process, you will have to keep an eye on his performance. If you think there are problems that your team can resolve on its own then there is no need for extra interference; also give your team a little space.

  1. Results

Now as all the complexities are stated, individuals are assigned with multiple tasks and all the bugs are sorted out, this is the time when you can devise a regular monitoring of the code quality which will save you from any further problems. Checking your work on regular basis will save you from many complexities.

These were the simple and most practical ways to resolve software complexities.

This article is written by Lisa Myers, who works at Rebateszone. She is a software engineer by profession.


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