Android 2.0 !!! Where is Google Maps

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Just saw Android 2.0 (Eclairs) and downloaded it. Started the emulator, and compiled my project with 2.0 settings. I was surprised to see red marks all over the place. After looking at the console, I figured out that Android 2.0 doesn’t have in-built Maps API. If your application uses the Google Maps API, then you are in for a surprise. Read on.

Now what?

In the emulator too, I didn’t find the Google Maps application. Damn. But, just to test if my other functionalities were intact with the new Android 2.0, I added the maps.jar avaialble in the Android SDK as an external jar.

I thought this would solve the problem. All compile errors vanished. But when I tried to install my app, the console said,


To avoid this installation error, you have to remove this line from the manifest file so that Android detects the maps.jar as an external API and not an internal one.

uses-library android:name=””

Now, your app will be installed without any errors. But, since there is no Google Maps application, you cannot launch or test any Google Maps feature that you application depends on. Needless to say, it will of course be available on our handsets, but this is very disappointing.

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