Android 2.0 !! Overview

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Here is a list of apps that have been removed from the emulator.

1. Calendar
2. Camcorder
3. Google Maps

The icons now have a new look and feel. Though I like the Donut icons, I guess, icons will keep changing.

One issue with the default-email client that is supposed to support Exchange.

I have successfully added an exchange account. But I am not able to see any new mails, and also, the mails I sent are still in the Outbox.

When I go to contacts to add contacts from my Exchange Account, the application crashed. I couldn’t test if the Contact’s application can really synchronize with the exchange server.

As for Google Maps, I think it will be shipped with the handsets only, as a separate application, and your code that uses Google Maps features will work on handsets, but as of now, there is no way to test such applications, unless you get it installed on your emulator.

A lot of animated transitions when you switch between screens. And the new “Unlock” feature to unlock the key pad looks cool, but I guess, it would be a bit uncomfortable to use. You should need minimum effort to unlock your keypad.

On the surface, you will basically find a complete UI change. I haven’t yet digged into the new APIs.

Have an Eclair !!!!! 🙂

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