Android Multipicker Library

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Android Multipicker Library

Android Multipicker Library

Similar to image-chooser-library, but has some new features. Re-written from scratch. Android Multipicker Library is an open-source project which has the following objectives.

Makes it easy and simple to integrate “Attach that file” feature into your android apps.
  • Don’t worry about various devices/OS variations.
  • Don’t worry about out-of-memory errors.
  • Don’t worry about creating thumbnails to show a preview.
  • Picking up any file for your app, and it’s details.
  • Picking up audio files.
Code less for capturing images/videos/files
  • Choose images from device or take a photo
  • Choose videos from device or record one
  • Choose files available on your device
  • Choose audio files available on your device
  • Choose a contact from the phonebook
  • Works with almost all content providers
  • Get all metadata about the media that you would probably need
  • Similar code base to implement irrespective of Android version of device.
Media types supported
  • Pick images.
  • Capture a still photo.
  • Pick videos.
  • Record a video.
  • Pick/Record an audio.
  • Pick files.
  • Pick a contact (Display name, phones and emails).
Post Processing
  • Generate metadata of file (Size, MimeType, Extension)
  • Generate metadata of images (Width, Height, Orientation + metadata of files)
  • Generate metadata of videos (Width, Height, Orientation, Duration + metadata of files)
  • Generate metadata of audios (Duration + metadata of files)
  • Generate thumbnails of images (Big and Small)
  • Generate preview image of a video and it’s thumbnails.
Other features
  • Multiple file/image/video selection.
  • Configurable storage location of all files.
  • Easy handling for incoming share intents.

The implementation code is more concise and meaningful. Do give it a try.

Why Android Multipicker Library?

A little bit of background:

Get it on Google Play

Multipicker Library Demo

Picking images/videos on Android is not that straight-forward. It might be easy if you want to pick media from a specific app or the phone’s gallery. But it becomes very tricky when you have to deal with all kinds of apps. ex. Dropbox, Google Drive, various File Manager applications, different types of camera applications and so on. Android Multipicker Library makes it super easy for you to deal with all these scenarios, with a single codebase. So that you don’t have to keep writing code to handle all these scenarios differently.

You can try out this sample app and see how it works. Let us know your feedback or suggestions.

Checkout the Wiki Pages on Github for code snippets.

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